Friday, August 26, 2005

Lost in Lost

I haven't been posting much lately, but not without good reason. I've become a bit crazy over channel 4's latest purchase from the other side of the pond... 'Lost'. I watched the first few episodes and promptly 'acquired' the rest of the series - which may or may not mean 'illegally downloaded'.

If you're not aware of it, the premise is simple, a plane load of models and the bloke out of Lord of the Rings crashes on a desert island and they're trying to survive an' shit. - I like to think of it as a Hetty Wainthropp Investigates for the new millenium, only with fewer Murray Mints and more inexplicable Polar Bears.

I've been watching it pretty much non-stop and have now completed the series. Yes, I know I need more friends.

It's great, it really is, a ray of light in the sea of cheap reality shows about badly behaved children, bickering wives and wife beaters that is British television.

My question about it is, since when did they decide that they were on a deserted island? Nobody seems to have thought to check, they might have crashed on the 'cultured' end of Ibiza for all they know.


At 9:52 am, Blogger Helzepops said...

1.You've not been watching lost but have been "lost" in what comes up when you do put sexually related words into Google image search.
2.Even at the cultured end of Ibiza you can hear the noise and smell the vomit when the winds in the right direction!

At 12:28 pm, Blogger Babs said...

I got stuck into that damned show near-ish to the end.

I'm SO ashamed...

At 10:36 am, Anonymous Pat said...

I agree. It is the first series since "The Sopranos"that have made me stare unbelievingly at the clock when the show is over.

At 3:11 pm, Anonymous Celadon said...

So what was the monster on the island? I left the country after episode 2 and I'm dying to know.

At 2:41 pm, Blogger Mr. Andrew said...

I've watched the whole season and I still don't know.

You find out a little more about it but that only raises more questions.

Why do they taunt us so?

At 3:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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